Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Run for the Cheeze(cake)! (Fathers day recap)

Started off Father's day with a run with my dad, he ran 10 miles and I ran 11, but we both ran for about the same amount of time. Here are my beautifully slow splits:

We then celebrated fathers day by driving over to Oxnard (younger brother in tow) and biking the Pacific Coast Bike Route for awhile. I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty lame, we though we would be biking along the ocean, but it was actually just a bike path along a major highway near the ocean. Next time I think we should do more research and find bike paths that are actually by the ocean. Does anyone know of any such bike paths that ARE NOT in Santa Monica (those are just too crowded for us)?

Well, the main celebration for me was getting to sit in the car after using my legs for most of the day and let my dad do the driving back from our bikeride.....I know, I am such a thoughtful daughter. But in all honesty my dad is a really laid-back, not demanding type of guy, so he really just wanted to hang out with my brother and I for fathers day and go for a bike ride. We ended up ordering in from an excellent nearby restaurant called Hugo's and I made my dad a special father's day raw, vegan cheesecake. It was chocolate-coconut, but I'm am still working out some kinks in the recipe. It ended up tasting great, but I had to use some raw agave nectar since I underestimated the amount of dates I needed. I also used irish moss, which in retrospect, I don't think I needed. I'm going to make a second attempt at it and will post the recipe when I am finally happy with it, but for now here's are some pictures. I made a large cake and two minis:

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