Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not Yo Nachos!

I have had a mad, crazy craving for some good vegan nachos....something that lives up to the Real Food Daily Nachos, but I didn't want to order out. Instead I experimented with an idea I had for nacho cheese that would perfect my nachos. I was thrilled with the results and the cheese, as well as the nachos were super easy and delicious to assemble!

Not Yo Nachos Recipe
Nacho bowl Ingredients (nacho cheese ingredients are separate):
- 1/2 cup black beans
- tortilla chips
- spicy, pico de gallo salsa (or any salsa that you prefer)
- hot sauce (I use Valentino's or Tapatillo, but any brand is fine)
- 1/4 jalapeno slices

Cheese sauce ingredients:
- 1 block mori-nu silken tofu
- 3 tbs nutritional yeast
- 2 tbs yellow miso paste
- 1 tsp cumin
- 1 tsp onion powder
- 1/4 cup jarred/pickled jalapeno slices

1) Place all ingredients for cheese in a food processor and process on high until smooth.
2) Place black beans mixed with some hot sauce at the bottom of the serving dish and warm up.
3) Cover with tortilla chips.
4) Top the tortilla chips with generous portions of salsa, nacho cheese sauce, and jalapeno slices.
5) Eat yo NACHOS!!!! Nommmm :)

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