Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Product Review: Amy's Organic Soups- Black Bean Vegetable

First of all, let me just say that I am generally a big fan of Amy's Organics food products. I always try to make my own meals and snacks from scratch, but when I am pressed for time, they are a great option.

Today I was going to meet up with a friend for coffee but hadn't had dinner yet. I was grocery shopping anyways and was craving something light, but mexican-ish. I had been eyeing this black bean soup for awhile and though it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out.

I grabbed a container of Whole Food's ready made salsa so that I could throw it on top of the soup and make it feel a bit more fresh and summery. I know it looks kinda questionable, but that is merely because of my lame/awesome photography skills and terrible lighting; the salsa was

Now, now, I know soup is a kinda weird food to have during the summer, but my game plan was to warm up the soup very slightly, so that it was a little warmer than room temp, dump a bunch of fresh salsa over it, and chow.......maybe with some tortilla chips to help me out?

Yes, it was crazy delicious.

So here is my "official" review. 
Flavor/texture:  This soup was flavored perfectly, and had a really hearty amount of whole black beans and black bean puree. It was NOT watery at all, it was more like a latin-flavored black bean chili than a soup. The salsa on top added the perfect bit of "freshness" to the soup, and the chips added a great crunch.
Nutrition: At a total of 280 calories per can, only 30 of which are from fat, I think this soup pack a nutrition punch. Each can has 12-14 grams of protein, and a million grams of delicious flavor!! (no sillies, flavor is not actually measured in grams.....that's just my own way of emphasizing its deliciousness)
Quality: I compared this soup to the the other black bean soups available, and as far as ingredient quality this one was by far the best. The other soups had things like sugar cane juice (aka added sugar), powders, and flavor "extracts," not to mention many were not organic. Amy's only uses whole food ingredients and they are all organic.....WIN! 

The End :)

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