Monday, April 1, 2013

Big News: I'm moving to Hawaii!

I know this may come as a surprise, but it's actually something that's been in the works for awhile now! Let me explain......
Fresh Coconut on the Road to Hana
Why Hawaii: The obvious appeals of Hawaii, such as the great weather, amazing beaches, and beautiful surroundings are all part of why I love Hawaii but there is something more there: Mangoes......its the mangoes. Mangoes are the real reason I'm moving to Maui. I kid, but seriously I have talked to many people who live in Hawaii, and in many ways, although they are burdened with some of the same things that everyone is (taxes, water & electric bills, traffic during rush hour) there lives also are more carefree and in tune with the earth than many people on the mainland. Everyone I know seems to appreciate the time they are given in each day more than their mainland counterparts; they don't seem to stress as much about life, and they have a great attitude towards the obstacles life presents. There is also much more of a close-knit community feel to the part of Hawaii (Maui) that I am planning on moving to. Lastly, the people live in a very earth-friendly way; their homes are smaller, they their cars (if they even have them) far less and their bikes far more, and everyone I spoke to composts. Furthermore, many people are actively involved in keeping businesses local and small, and alson in taking part in community service efforts to maintain the pristine and unadulterated natural beauty of the islands. Oh I almost forgot, I'm not supposed to say this since it's a secret of the locals, but if you live in Maui, you magically get a six pack of abbs and a flawless tan upon arrival, I already have all of these since I never work out my core and bathe in SPF 100 but for other normal folk, it's definitely a perk.

A waterfall on the road to Hana
The Job: Clearly I wouldn't move to Hawaii if I didn't have a job lined up........or would I? Don't worry, I have been in constant contact with a market/cafe that I went to the last time I was in Hawaii that has been looking for a vegan chef with experience making raw foods. After many skype sessions and extensive emailing, I have been hired as their new Vegan & Raw Chef, and will also be helping increase the social media presence of the market. I will do a post on the actual market itself, with more information as soon as we've got all the details of my contract figured out, but trust me, it's an awesome business to be a part of!

The Details: I'm sure there are many questions that come to mind with such a big move, but I have really thought of everything. I am still waiting to hear back form Grad schools, so I will have my Dad contact me when the admissions decisions arrive.
Taking a stroll with my bro along the beach...
I have already spoken to my future employer about the possibility that I may have to leave in August for graduate school and they are totally fine it. We have a family friend that has a beautiful little vacation home in Maui, and they have been kind enough to let me stay there for the next 6 or so months until I know more about what my future holds. I don't really know anyone who lives in Maui, but I'm not too worried about this, I'm hoping to meet a lot of people at work, at bars, and through activities that I participate in. If this doesn't work out, I've heard that the local parrots make lovely friends. I also think that my brother may come live with me over the summer; I haven't really spoken to him about this yet, but I think he'd be down since he loves Maui (especially the great surfing) and it would be an awesome way for him to spend his last summer before college!

I am so excited for this new adventure, and I will post more info on it as soon as I've got all the details really hammered down. Aloha!


  1. Hi Mina great post, I'm planning to move in Hawaii. Can you recommend a place to stay in Maui that's good looking. Thanks!