Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools!!

As much as I would love to be moving to the land of mangoes, sunshine, rain forests, and other tropical things, a move to Hawaii is definitely not in my immediate future. However, I received such wonderful supportive words from so many people on facebook, and I just want to thank everyone for their heartfelt words.......I also hope you don't hate me for having the emotional capacity of a five year old when thinking out (more like NOT thinking) the implications of such a joke.  It's funny because I started out thinking this was the MOST ridiculous April fools joke ever, but after writing my post I realized how much I straight up would love to live on Maui. Guess the April Fools joke is on me.

I hope you all enjoyed this fabulous holiday and got someone good (or got tricked yourself, either way)! I've always liked pulling pranks on people and seeing just how far I can take a trick before getting caught, so don't expect me to grow out of this holiday anytime soon.......I'm already thinking of some awesome tricks for next year! Have a good rest of your day......and don't be a fool ;)

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