Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm not fact, I'm BACK!!

I know it seems as though I just dropped off the face of the Earth and stopped blogging, but that was never my intention. If I were ever going to stop blogging or end my blog, I would definitely have a farewell post! I have just been very busy the past couple of months with a few things such as:
- Grad School research and applications
- Recieving my Diploma!!! Haha, yes I know this isn't something I was actively doing but I'm really excited about it and wanted a reason to post a picture of it......I know sometimes I'm so cool it's out of control.
- Studying for the GRE (yes part of grad school apps)
- Writing my personal statement (okay, okay, this is also part of grad school apps)
- Dedicating more time to taking care of the house and family, mainly by cleaning more, doing more of the grocery shopping, more of the meal cooking, and lot more of the clean-up (due to various family circumstances I needed to seriously step up my involvement in the running of our household and take on lot more daily responsibilities). This is something I am more than happy to do, but it took some getting used to.
- A knee injury (Ileotibial Band Syndrom) that sidelined my from running for a couple of months and turned in me into a Grumpy McGrumpster

However, all this time of not posting made me realize how much I truly loved blogging and how much of a create creative outlet it is, so I have made a resolution to NEVER let me blogging drop off the way it did before, no matter how busy I get. I have a lot of great recipe posts, running posts, travel posts, and restaurant reviews to share, but I just wanted to make this quick post to say that I'm back and I'm not going anywhere. Also, on a completely random note I discovered strawberry flavored Hello Kitty Soda at 99 Ranch Market (an excellent asian specialty market), and while I usually don't endorse buying sugar sweetened beverages such as soda, this one has a Hello Kitty on it and I have a very serious Hello Kitty obsession so I was thrilled! I was actually at the asian market buying ingredients for Vegan Sushi, which will likely be my next recipe post (either tonight or tomorrow)!

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