Monday, August 20, 2012

Off to NYC to visit my best friend!

"New York City here I come.....Right back where I started from...."
(Okay, not really, I'm not actually from NYC, but I love that song..... so there)
My best friend since the beginning of high school lives in New York City, and since she is a super-hardworking lady and can't take many consecutive days off from work, I'm going to visit her in the city! I am so excited to see her, it has been so long since I've seen her in person (although we definitely talk frequently.....I think I'd almost die if we didn't). I love being reunited with her; simply put, we just get each other in a way that very few people do. I absolutely love spending time with her and am so lucky that she and her sister are willing to let me stay at their adorable NYC home for a few days.
Athenas & I on the Chelsea High Walk
My favorite thing in NYC: My best friend, Athenas, of course!

My next favorite things in NYC:
- my best friend (whatttt?.....I had to.....I'm just really excited to see here....geeze)
- getting to see my best friend's sister, whom I also love and rarely get to see enough of
Greenmarket at Union Square (4 days a week)
- visiting another one of my good friends, Julie (she an awesome grad student at NYU who is going to change the world pretty watch out)
- the farmers market at union square
- the chelsea high walk
- the chelsea market
- random boutiques that sell unique stuff (I know, way to be super specific....)
- great vintage shopping
- the central park zoo
- great atmosphere and city vibe (I often walk around for hours and just soak in the general awesomeness that is NYC....)
- awesome art scene (so many art museums and galleries to explore)
- broadway shows
- central park....a work of art in itself
Chelsea Market
- awesome, AMAZING vegan restaurants, cafes, and bakeries (this will be it's own post eventually, since I have been to many amazing vegan places in NYC that I should really write reviews for)
- starbucks every 0.5 blocks
- super expensive and high end boutiques in the meat-packing district. I like to go into them and act like I'm actually looking for clothing to buy, but lets be real, one item of clothing from there probably cost more than my plane tickets both ways.....soooo no
- being able to WALK to everything my heart could possibly desire
- GREAT people watching everywhere
- wandering around soho and seeing all the hipsters & tourists, and especially hipster-tourists (those are the best)
- almost getting hit by cars every time I cross the street illegally, but continuing to do it because it makes me feel like a new yorker

Well seeing as to how this list has slowly progressed from serious things to ridiculous things, I think it's time for me to attempt to get some sleep before my flight tomorrow. Highly unlikely that I will actually sleep because I'm way too excited about seeing my friend, but I'll definitely fake-sleep for at least a couple of house ;)

I'll have some travel updates up later in the week!

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