Friday, October 26, 2012

Real Art in Los Angeles: Brewery ArtWalk!

Background info: There is an old Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery near downton Los Angeles, that was shut down a long time ago(sad day). With the passing of "Artist in Residence" Code in the city of Los Angeles, artists were allowed to live and work in industrially zoned spaced. This means that this giant, abandoned Brewery/warehouse could now be used as studio and combined studio/living spaces by artists.

Development of a community: Artists took advantage of this amazing opportunity, and immediately filled every space with studios and studio/living spaces. More than half of the artists have a mixed use studio/home set-up. There are many different types of living/working arrangements within the brewery itself because of all of the different building types and designs that were a part of the Brewery/factory. It is a truly awesome place, the property is giant (I want to guess at least 2 square miles) and there are many little gardens, parks, and even a beer garden throughout the old brewery.

The Brewery Artwalk: Twice a year the artists of the Brewery open up their homes and studios to the public FREE OF CHARGE for the Brewery ArtWalk. This is super-exciting for me, because I get to feel like an awesome, artsy-fartsy, hipster person, and I get to dress up like one, without actually having to be artistic.......WIN! But seriously, the artwalk is such an awesome experience. My friend Sara actually introduced me to the event, and invited me to go with her, and I am soooo happy that I did. There are so many different types of art it is mind-blowing. There is everything from paintings and photography to bedazzled bull skulls and "garden art." There is lots of stuff for sale such as candles, artwork, posters, photographs, tapestries, unique textiles, sculptures, unique kitchenware, and much, much more. The architecture itself is worth the visit, even if you don't like art one bit. The gorgeous industrial spaces, some with exposed brick, and some with lots of metal and concrete are amazing. There are also a lot of rustic, overgrown gardens that are gorgeous and make the spaces even more charming. There is also an awesome beer garden/outdoor BBQ and cafe area that is open to everyone. I honestly wanted to go back so badly that I already looked up the next time it is open and marked it on my calendar.

Pictures of some of my favorite things:

Love the mix of materials. Also that
square tub looking thing on the right
side of the second floor is a jacuzzi!
Gorgeous overgrown garden

Love the exposed beams.
Also this artist had gorgeous tapestries.
Face of one of the buildings that housed
about 15 artists' lofts.

Kitchenware Artist. This space was awesome
as was the kitchenware they were selling.

This space was mostly just bull skulls and
billy skulls that were finished in really
amazing colors, textures, and materials.

More of the bedazzled skulls. I was just
captivated by them, I can't quite explain it.
This picture does not do the art justice.
A view of downtown LA from the balcony of
one of the lofts.

Gorgeous worn out metal building. I love the
This is a real kitchen in the living space of one of the
artists. This is SO stunning! Love the design choices.
My friend standing on the bridge overlooking just a
small part of the brewery. You can see a little bit of
the beer garden/cafe.

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