Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry, Happy Everything!

My dad and I ready for our Christmas Morning long run.
This picture is from last year, but we definitely went on a long
 run this christmas morning as well. It was glorious :)

Merry Super Belated Christmas, Happy uber-Belated Hannukah & Happy Holidays to everyone! So Sorry that I have been super absent from posting this week, the combo of the Holidays, GRE studying, and my birthday (its on the 28th......aka today) is the ultimate black hole to my free time (Sorry in advance to Stephen Hawking for my terrible and probably inappropriate use of black holes in my analogy). Anywhooooo, don't forget about the Happy Herbivore Abroad Cookbook Giveaway! Its going to be tomorrow (December 29th) so check back to enter the giveaway and read about how awesome the cookbook it!

Quick Running update: It just so happens that on this very day I ran 8.2 miles in 1:12 hours. That means I was running an average of 8:50 or 8:55 pace!! This is super exciting for me, I know it might not be that exciting for some of you super speedy runners out there but to this lazy, laid-back runner that is amazing! I actually think that it was a post by one of my favorite running bloggers, SkinnyRunner that motivated me to push it throughout the run. If you haven't read her blog before, you should definitely check it out. She has a great sense of humor, writes about running in an interesting and engaging way, doesn't take herself too seriously, and always has really interesting non-running posts. Oh yeah, and she's gorgeous and always has cute clothes, which is a bonus; consider this my holiday gift to you ;)


  1. Must say that I'm VERY impressed that you bothered to run on Christmas morning!!!!

    1. Well thank you Sandy, the thing is that for me running is more of a reward than a chore. I love running, and running in the morning just makes my day better, so it seems logical to me to give myself the best gift of all on christmas morning and go for a beautiful winter run :)