Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Herbivore Abroad Cookbook Giveaway!

About the Book: Happy Herbivore Abroad is the third cookbook by Lindsey S. Nixon. Lindsay is a super talented plant-based chef, that focuses on making delicious recipes with whole foods, no oils & minimal fats, and always 100% plant-based. This book in particular is awesome because she has created plant-based versions of SO many recipes from countries all over the world that I NEVER thought could be made vegan. This book has everything from cassoulet, to paella, to curries and much much more. Read on to find out more about the book, and leave a comment in order to enter the giveaway for this fabulous cookbook! **Open to U.S. and Canada Residents Only**
Why I think this book stands out above the rest:
- All of the recipes call for everyday ingredients: You won't need to make a run to a specialty market or scramble last minute because you don't have some obscure ingredient.
- The photography is amazing: I know this is silly, but they always say you eat with your eyes. I love seeing what a dish will look like, and there are not only photographs of pretty much every recipe, there are also photographs from Lindsay's travels abroad.
- The flavors are spot on: I have had the privilege to have traveled to many countries, and have actually tasted the non-vegan versions of a lot of the dishes that Lindsay has in her book. Lindsay's recipes are ridiculously spot on when it comes to ratios, flavors, and textures. So many dishes that I never thought could be entirely plant-based, Lindsay has managed to create delicious recipes for.
- The recipes are easy to make: Okay, so you need to dedicate more than five minutes, but the recipes are not overly complicated and never really need more than half an hour of prep work. There are no crazy techniques or weird cooking tools. Lindsay has really created recipes that can be made by anyone with a basic knowledge of kitchen tools, and by anyone who does not have too much time to sit around and make labor intensive meals.
My Favorite: Paella!
My Experience with the Cookbook: I have absolutely loved having this cookbook! I have made almost every recipe in the book at least once (I only have 3 left that I haven't tried) and they have all tasted delicious! My dad and brother, neither of whom are vegan love every dish that I make from this cookbook, and they even have their own favorites that they often request. There are so many amazing dishes in this cookbook, but my personal favorite is the Paella. It is simple and delicious, and I have made it innumerable times since receiving the cookbook in the mail.

Author Lindsay Nixon Answers some of my questions: I had the opportunity to ask Lindsay some questions regarding this cookbook and plant-based cooking in general. Here is our mini-interview:
Q: What is the most common "criticism" you get from non-plant-based eaters for your diet, and how do you respond to it?
A: I'm very lucky that I don't get a lot of criticism. Some people will ask where I get my protein, but they're genuinely curious. A few people will try to slam me with anecdotal evidence about how someone's grandpa ate bacon and lived to be 99. I usually respond by saying history is full of people who beat the odds but what happens for one person, doesn't translate for the rest of us. So one person lived to be 99 and bathed in bacon, what about the 1000s of people who do the same but don't make it to 30, 40, 50, 60, etc.
Q: What is your favorite recipe in your new cookbook and why?
A: Asking a chef to pick a favorite recipe is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child :)
Q: How hard/easy was it to communicate your dietary needs while abroad and how well did people handle your requests?
A: I speak other languages, which certainly makes things a bit easier -- but I find people are generally happy to accomodate, especially if you say you have an allergy :) I also take a little phrase book with me, so I know terms in other languages, and how to communicate my needs in their language. 
Q: What are your top 5 tips for any plant-based eaters planning to travel abroad soon?
A: Have patience. Remember that there is so much more to traveling than eating. Go to the farmer's market or supermarket -- you can find food there. Research ahead for options if you can. Ask the tourist office for help. Get a phrase book!
Q: What is your all time favorite plant-based meal that you have had and why? (can be from your travels abroad or at home)
A: I could never narrow it down to just one :)
Q: What is your response to the problem of getting enough Omega-3 EPA/DHA in ones diet, since plant-based eaters only taking in the ALA form of omega-3s, and humans are very inefficient at converting ALA to DHA/EPA (which is the form that this fat needs to be in, in order for it to be utilized by humans)? 
A: I don't really hear this, but I'd direct them to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's website. He explains this in detail, and is way more educated on the topic than I am. Jeff Novick is also a good resource.
Q: Were there any dishes that you saw abroad, or have tried before you went plant-based that you have not been able to recreate using only plant-based ingredients?
A: Nope!
Q: In your travels, which country do you think it was easiest to maintain your plant-based diet in?
A: Overall I think they're all about the same. It's a lot like America in that it's easier to find vegan fare in the bigger cities compared to the smaller, more remote areas. Some cuisines lend themselves to be vegan a bit better -- like Italian food, which can be vegan if you leave off cheese. Some countries have large fresh markets -- like Spain, Italy and Croatia, which can make it find fruits and veg on the go a breeze. Still, some of the best vegan food I've had abroad was in lesser known places. It's a mixed bag. 

Leave a comment with your favorite type of food (from any country/region out there) and I will do a random drawing at the end of the day to see who wins a free copy of the Happy Herbivore Abroad Cookbook! You can get additional entries by sharing a link to this post on facebook and twitter, just comment again with a link to your facebook post or your tweet!


  1. Italian food piazza veal parmigana chicken lasagna etc.

  2. African peanut stew that I make with butternut squash. So hearty!

  3. I tweeted!

  4. Hi Mina! Of course I had to leave a comment! ;) I'd have to say I love sushi, but bruschetta takes a close second. Miss you!

    1. Congratulations e.! You were randomly selected as the winner of the cookbook! please email me at for further instructions :)

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