Saturday, May 4, 2013

They've Just UNMADE a Huge Mistake!

Arrested Development: I've been up to lots of random things lately, but one of them has been getting way too excited for the return of my favorite TV Show Arrested Development. It is being brought back by Netflix after about 7 years of being off the air, and I am ridiculously excited. It had a 3 season run on Fox, but got canceled because I think it just flew under the radar and not enough people knew about it at the time.
However, a lot of people seem to have discovered the show after it was canceled by watching it online or on DVD, and there has been a growing demand for a comeback. I get heart palpitations just thinking about it's return. I can honestly say that nothing has ever made me laugh as much as this show has. The humor is simply brilliant, and so multi-leveled and thought out, that people of many different sensibilities will enjoy it. I really can't think of any words to capture how brilliantly hilarious and witty the show is, and how well written all of the characters are. It is funnier than any movie, TV show, or stand up comedian I have seen in my life. I know this sounds like I am being a drama queen about how good this show is, but I'm not exaggerating, this show really is that good. Anywho, Netflix will be releasing the entire 4th season on May 26th, and at some point after they will release a movie. I know, I die.

I told my Dad to do a "running pose".....this is what he came up with......
Running Lately: Recently I went on another fantastic trail run with my Dad. There is an old missile tower in the hills above LA called the Nike Missile tower, and can be reached from a few different trails. Fortunately for us, the trail leading to the Nike Missile Tower is gorgeous, and maintained enough that it is perfect for trail also helps that it has a great view. We tend to park at the top of Reseda Blvd and run from the bottom of the trail to the tower and back. This run should be a round trip of just under 7 miles, but I kept doubling back to make sure my Dad was okay (we run at different speeds) since he's been having sore knees lately, and I ended up running a little over 8 miles. I highly recommend this trail for anyone interested in getting started running trails; it's not too intense, but there are some good uphill climbs in there that will give you those thunder thighs you've been dreaming of ;)

Harvard's Healthy Diet Recommendations: Harvard just made a bold and awesome move! Their nutrition department just released their version of the Healthy Eating Plate, which took the place of the food pyramid a few years ago.......and they have eliminated all dairy products from their recommendations as well as a lot of the more unhealthy meats. Their recommendations are almost entirely plant-based, with the exception of lean chicken and fish, but they include these in the same category as legumes and soy products, so they are definitely acknowledging that there is no need to consume meat rather than the plant alternatives. It is so awesome that such a respected establishment has come out with a set of diet recommendations that we can all really stand behind, and that are not at all affected by big agg lobbyists and politics. Go Harvard!

Coming up Soon: Chocolate Heath Bar Cake Recipe! That's right, I've created a ridiculously decadent layer cake of chocolate cake soaked in salty caramel, frosted with light chocolate frosting, and covered in heath bars! Here is a preview of the recipe to some soon. I know, I'm such a tease.....

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