Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm One Sick Vegan.....No Really, I'm Sick: Tips on how to deal with a cold or flu!

What's been going on: I usually don't skip more than a day or two of posting, but I have been super sick with a weird cold/flu thing. I don't get sick that often, so when I do, it's pretty annoying but I've come up with a few tried and true tricks that help me through it.

My Symptoms:
- Sore Throat: this is the first symptom that I had, and it went away after the first two days of being sick
- Sever Headache: This started right when my sore throat was getting better and is still present.
- Painful/Clogged Sinuses & Ears: I'm pretty sure it's just that my sinuses are gross right now, but it feels like my ears are also clogged.
- Stuffy/runny nose: This started a day after the sore throat, and is still present.
Pomelo (grapefruit) and Veggie Broth!
- NO Fever: Fortunately I have not had a fever at all.

My tips for dealing with a cold or flu as a Vegan:
- Drink it up: I have been drinking way, way more fluids than usual. I go through 1-2 cartons of veggie broth per day. This is on top of about 3 cups of tea per day, 1 green juice per day, a few glasses of water, and all of the water in the fruits and veggies that I eat.
- Citrus 24/7: I have been eating one grapefruit and a few oranges every day for the extra Vitamin C and Calcium.
- NO Sugar: I already try to avoid sugar, but I am extra careful about not having anything with simple sugar such as cane sugar, maple syrup, agave nectar, or any other processed sugar. This is mainly because I have noticed with previous bouts of the cold, that when I consume any sort of refined/simple sugar my sore throat flares up again and my cold regresses. My theory is that this is because the bacteria can more easily use these simple sugars as energy sources, but I'm no Doctor so I can't say for sure.
- Sinus Wash a.k.a. Nose Bidet: This is an awesome creation that looks like a mini teapot. I basically fill it with warm salt water, and use it to cleanse my sinuses; I pour the water into one nostril and it comes out the other. This is honestly a life saver, and makes my breathing soooooo much easier.
Me with my beloved nose bidet.
- Salt Water Gargle: This is especially important to do the second you think you are getting a sore throat. All you have to do is warm up water, mix salt in, and gargle it for 30 seconds. I did this three times a day, and the next day my sore throat was pretty much gone.
- Sleep.....LOTS of sleep: I have been going to bed earlier, and sleeping in later. Sleep is always important, but it is especially important for when you are sick. Sleep is a time when your body can repair the damage done during the day, and really work towards fighting off your sickness.
- Don't forget Protein: I have totally lost my appetite throughout this sickness, but it is important to make sure you are eating enough food, especially protein, since your body is using protein to make the antibodies that are fighting off the cold in addition to the day to day maintenance that your body is doing.

In Conclusions: If you feel yourself getting sick, start taking preventative measures immediately. The sooner you recognize the symptoms and act accordingly, the more likely you are to lessen the severity of the cold/flu. Always listen to your body; if you are still tired when you wake up in the morning, sleep in if you can, or call in sick to work. Giving your body the rest and care that it needs is a small sacrifice to make, compared to the time you could potentially loose if you get more sick later on due ignoring the early symptoms. These tips that I have listed are things that have worked for me in the past, but I am no Doctor, and you should always consult your Doctor if you are stricken with the cold or flu!

Stay warm, Stay Healthy, and Stay Happy!

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